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10th March 2018 – Windscreen washer jets, reservoir, pump and piping

Mounting the screen washer reservoir. We had sourced a really nice aluminium 2L reservoir tank and we decided the best place to mount this was on the bulk head inside the engine bay. [...]

21st November 2016 – Getting ready to turn the key.

We had previously connected up the dash and wiring looms as well as mechanical gauge connections, water temperature, oil pressure, oil temperature. These all run directly from the gauges through the bulkhead onto the [...]

29th March 2016 – Installing wiper motor & mechanism

Next up is the Windscreen wipers. We had already drilled and fitted the wheel boxes (you can read about this post here) but we had to fit the motor and driver cable. Originally we [...]

20th Feb 2016 – Repositioning the heater box

While we were looking at installing the wiper box motor, wiper mechanism and wheel boxes, we realised, not for the first time, that we had a problem. We had originally installed the heater box [...]

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