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  • 24th August 2010 – Rear differential reconditioned

    We sent the rear differential off to Coventry Transmissions (recommended through Pete) last week, for rebuilding and reconditioning. Mark picked it up last night. WOW! They have done an amazing job. They have fully replaced the inners and totally cleaned it up as good as new. Its totally unrecognisable from the greasy parts we got from eBay those weeks ago. We have nearly got all of the components to assemble the rear axle now. Just waiting on the shortened bottom arms and rear hubs to arrive from Gerry at Hawks. Once they arrive we will spend another weekend putting the rear axle together and assembling it to the chassis.

    and this is it before reconditioning

  • 15th August 2010 – front brake calipers have arrived


    The front brake calipers have arrived. Originally, Me and Jon talked about which front brake to go for and after a conversation with Gerry at Hawks, we decided that the standard MGB brake may not be man enough considering the spec for the rest of the car. As we have gone for the Jaguar rear axle (where the brakes are very good) and also using a Ford 302 V8 engine (producing about 340 bhp), using the standard MGB front brakes would mean a chance that the back end could lock up as the front brakes would be less powerful than the jaguar rear brake. So Gerry gave us 2 options:

    1. to up grade with Austin Princess front brake calipers or

    2. to upgrade to more expensive 4 pot aluminium calipers, which Hawk could supply. He also suggested that if put together with an in line servo would balance out well with the rear jaguar brakes.

    We decided to go for the aluminium calipers, and i am glad we did. I have to take my hat off to Gerry the quality of them is very good as you can see from the pictures.

  • 11th August 2010 – GearBox arrived

    Mark picked up the gear box and bell housing from PowerTorque engineering in Coventry and then assembled them together. Its a T5 box by Ford that would fit a Mustang etc, but is a perfect fit for our 5.0 litre-Ford V8-302 engine that is due to arrive towards the end of August.


  • 7th August 2010 – Striping the back axel

    We managed to source a Jaguar XJS back axel from ebay that arrived, and to an untrained eye looks like a piece of greasy junk. Well in this condiction maybe, but this particular axel is the recommended one for this type of Cobra 289. We won’t be using much of the original axel, so replacing with new upgraded parts, but the differential and suspension arms are the bits we will be keeping, and need to be reconditioned back to mint condiction.

    So we spent some time striping down the old axel into its individual parts. The suspension arms we sent back down to Gerry at Hawks to be shortened in order to fit our frame, while we source a company to striped down and recondition the differential. When we get the bits back it will then be a case of building the axel back up with the new parts and bolting it all to the chassis.

  • 7th August 2010 – Front suspension

    The front suspension is based on the MGB with upgrades made by Gerry at Hawks Cars. I went back to Leicester this weekend and spent most of saturday in the garage with Mark. The first proper day of the build.

    The whole front suspension went in, anti roll bar and steering rack. New hubs, springs, wishbone, barings with reconditioned king pin and triunion.

    It was a bit of a headache to begin with,working out what bit went where and which bolts to use, but with Marks expertise we got it all built up in about 6 hours.

    Moving on next will be the back axel, differential, suspension and then we’ll have a rolling chassis, Oh and we need some tyres on them wheel too.

  • 21st July 2010 – Detaching body and chassis

    In order to work on the car and get all the bits in and built up, Mark unbolted the body to reveal the metal chassis. This is the main component everything bolts onto. Can’t wait to get started.


  • 21st July 2010 – The body kit and chassis arrives

    9 weeks in the making we finally take delivery of the body and chassis. Now we can really get building!