The front brake calipers have arrived. Originally, Me and Jon talked about which front brake to go for and after a conversation with Gerry at Hawks, we decided that the standard MGB brake may not be man enough considering the spec for the rest of the car. As we have gone for the Jaguar rear axle (where the brakes are very good) and also using a Ford 302 V8 engine (producing about 340 bhp), using the standard MGB front brakes would mean a chance that the back end could lock up as the front brakes would be less powerful than the jaguar rear brake. So Gerry gave us 2 options:

1. to up grade with Austin Princess front brake calipers or

2. to upgrade to more expensive 4 pot aluminium calipers, which Hawk could supply. He also suggested that if put together with an in line servo would balance out well with the rear jaguar brakes.

We decided to go for the aluminium calipers, and i am glad we did. I have to take my hat off to Gerry the quality of them is very good as you can see from the pictures.