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  • 28th September 2010 – Engine and bits arrive!

    We took receipt of the engine today. 5litre 302 Ford V8. It’s a really heavy beast, but is a popular choice of engine for this type of Cobra. We expect it to produce about 340 bhp, which should be more than enough grunt! Unfortunately, there has been a bit of a delay with the engine as parts have had to be sourced in the US and shipped over. Real steel originally sourced us an old 1973 engine block and they have done a great job with a fully recon and rebuild. We requested the block be painted blue as is the traditional colour for these engines. We now need to finish building up the engine using the auxiliary parts they have supplied. Unfortunately we’re still waiting for the carburettor from Real Steel, but that should arrive very soon. It shouldn’t stop us getting started though.  Now things start getting interesting.

    Pictures are:

    1/ Engine   2/ cobra rocker covers   3/Inlet manifold    4/alternator

  • 25th September 2010 – We have rear hubs!


    We’ve been waiting for new parts to arrive from various places for a few weeks now, which has been quite frustrating, but today we received the rear hubs that Gerry has had manufactured especially to fit our back axle. which is why we had to wait. They’ve done a really nice job! Hopefully we will soon be showing you pictures of the build in progress rather than just pictures of new parts.