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  • 13th November 2010 – Engine adaptions-Rocker covers-PCV valve-Oil filler

    The sump

    The sump had be fitted with an adapter for the oil temperature gauge. This was wielded into the sum. To check the wield had no pin holes we filled the sump with petrol to check for leaks. We then painted it up and refitted it to the engine.

    PCV valve adaped:

    Originally we were told to fit the PCV valve just using high temperature silicon. when we did this we found it to be quite a loose fit, so Uncle Dave to the rescue again, who milled out the hole in the rocker cover and made a top hat piece that fitted the top of the rocker cover and allowed the rubber seal to fit perfectly.

    Oil filler Adaption:

    Originally when we fitted the oil filler, it was quite long and we thought didn’t look as good as it could. So we modified it slightly, shortening the neck and making it look a lot better.

  • 13th November 2010 – Engine build continues – bottom pully

    We weren’t so happy with the way the original spacers that came with the engine for the bottom pulley. They used spacer between the pulley and the mass damper which didn’t look great. We spoke to our uncle Dave, who has his own engineering shop, to see what he thought and whether he could do any better. He came up with a idea to make a single unit that would work as a spacer and also incorporated the tool to centralise the pully. We gave him the measurements and he made it from a solid block of aluminium on his lathe. We think the single unit is a better looking solution than the original spacers.