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  • May 2011 – Exhaust manifold – down pipe problems

    We received the exhaust manifold and down pipes, we ordered from Gerry. The pics show both sides loosely bolted to the engine.
    The problem we noticed was that the down pipe was sitting very close to the engine mountings. This is not good, and after speaking to Gerry, we established they had been wrongly made so he is sending replacements. More on this in later posts.
    We are also looking into getting the manifold and pipes ceramic coated which will act as a thermal barrier and stop them corroding, but more importantly make them look really nicely blinged up.  More on the exhaust in later posts.

  • May 2011 – Rear brakes – Rear axle complete

    Unfortunately we haven’t spent much time on the build in recent weeks due to holidays, Marks university work and other things taking priority. We have spent some time ordering lots of new parts though and Mark has done a few bits and bobs. We are planning to get more build time over the summer and make some really solid progress.

    Here’s a little update from recent weeks.

    Firstly, we have now replaced the old rusty bottom ccntre bolts through the base of the differential with the shiney new ones we were waiting to arrive.

    Having built up the rear calipers back in April, Mark has now also installed them onto the rear axle again. Attaching with 2 bolts and then lock wiring them in place. Then connecting the handbrake cable to the handbrake calipers. Other than a bit of tinkering, thats the back axle complete. Even though it has been a bit of hassle and time getting all the parts together, it has been a great learning curve, and we are now really pleased with the way it has turned out.