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  • 24th September 2011 – Extra fibre glass on the pedal box

    Mark decided to add some extra fibre glass to the floor where I had made the cut out for the pedal box. He cut a piece of fibre glass matt to bridge from the inner wing to the cabin floor. This is mainly to add some extra strength to the floor but also to level out the lip connecting the inner wing unit to footwell. We will probably finish it off by painting it white to match the pedal box.

  • 10th September 2011 – Painting engine bay footwell white

    It’s perfectly OK to leave the engine bay as it is, although the original Cobras had white footwells inside the engine bays. We are taking an educated guess this may have had something to do with combating and reflecting the heat coming from the engine in the original racing cars. We of course are keen to keep as much authenticity as we can on our build, so with that in mind the footwell simply had to be white. Firstly we keyed the gel coat to get a rough enough surface for the paint. We then wiped the the surface down with water and sponge to remove as much dust as possible before we started to carefully apply and cover with white spray paint. It pays to be patient with the coats and not spraying to readerly to avoid any drips. Annoyingly we got 1 or 2 drips which we had to then let dry before sanding down and spraying over again. 2 cans of white primer gave us approximately 4 coats. The pictures show the engine bay with only primer coats. We will be cladding most of the engine bay with sheet aluminium anyway but before that we will give the footwells a final few coats with a gloss white to finish it off nicely before fitting the claddling (heat shields) to the rest of the engine bay. More to come on that in later posts.


  • 10th September 2011 – Extending the pedal box hole

    Due to the modification Mark had made to the pedal box by wielding a new flange around the edge, we had to spent a couple of hours cutting and extending the hole. The modifications now allow the pedal box to fit completely flush with the outside of the footwells and make the final job inside the engine bay really tidy. We made a cardboard template to get the shape and as before used a hacksaw to cut the hole then finished by filing the edges to get them straight and smooth.