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  • 26th February 2012 – Footwells respray

    We decided we’d like to repaint the white on the footwells as while we were fitting the throttle linkage and accelerator pedal we had managed to scratch it in a few places. So we striped everything down including battery tray, reservoir bracket, throttle linkage, accelerator pedal housing and pedal box, before masking the whole area and respraying. We will then reassemble it all over again.

  • 25th February 2012 – Fitting the radiator

    The final job for today was to fit the radiator into the front on the engine bay. This proved to be a fiddly job due to its position and we jacked up the front end to get better access. We got the radiator kit from Gerry, which has a large capacity and made from copper which should give better cooling quality. It came with 2 angled brackets to bolt into either side of the body.

    Firstly we posted the radiator in from underneath to work out the position for the brackets. Its a very snug fit which is good but meant we had to carefully manoeuvre the radiator in and out a few times while drilling and fitting, careful not to damage the fins in the process. We haven’t got the fans yet but we’ll measure up for them soon and get them fitted.

  • 25th February 2012 – Throttle linkage first fit

    We decided at this point to get the throttle linkage mechanism finished and fully fitted. We did the first fit back on 28th January, but now we have all the necessary bits to finish off.
    This involved connecting the springs to the throttle lever on the carb and Mark’s newly made bracket as well as make all the connections tight and fully lined up. We carefully worked out the leverage of the throttle going from idle to full to make sure there was always some tension in the springs at all times. We then marked up the position for the spring holes before drilling and connecting them up.

    Next we added smaller springs either side of the connections on the transverse rod. This is to keep everything inline as well as to allow some movement when the engine is running. We secured these all in place with collars either side.

    When we originally fitted the throttle linkage on the 28th Jan we made a temporary bracket to secure the transverse rod connection to the inlet manifold. The intension was to design and make a better solution and since then that is what we have done. We marked up 2 pieces of the stainless steel for the new bracket and asked our uncle Dave if he could wield it together for us along with a threaded boss on the top that the rose joint screws directly into.
    To finish the 2 brackets off we rounded off the corners then shortened where necessary before polishing them both up.

  • 25th February 2012 – Fitting battery tray & reservoir bracket

    The next 2 little jobs were to fit the battery tray to the nearside and the reservoir bracket on the offside of the engine bay. Gerry had made up the battery tray and it arrived last week. These were quick and easy to fit, marking up the 4 bolt holes either side, drill through using a 90 degree chuck and secure with nuts and bolts provided. We will fit the battery and connect up the master cylinder later.

  • 25th February 2012 – New braided fuel pipe

    We planned to get some more time on the car this weekend. We have planned to get most of the little job under the bonnet out of the way today. First job was to fit the new braided fuel pipe that Mark got made a few weeks ago to replace the rubber one we originally had. We fitted the connecter to the fuel regulator and ran the pipe through to connect to the carb. Mark had made a new bracket that bolts to the top of the inlet manifold which will eventually serve as the attachment for the springs onto the throttle linkage, but is also perfect to attach a stainless steel P clip to hold the fuel pipe in the correct position and to prevent it rubbing on the plug leads.
    The last job will be to polish up the bracket nice and shiny, which we’ll do later on. Onto the next job…