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  • 31st March 2012 – Fitting the Seat Belt framework.

    We ordered the specially made seat belt framework from Gerry at Hawks that fits above the transmission tunnel so that they are high enough to comply with the SVA regulations. As well as the seat belts this framework will also support the roll bar, which we’ll install later.

    The framework bolts to the chassis in 4 places. The main legs are attached at the bottom by bolts passing from underneath the car. We had to get underneath and drill holes through the fibre glass which proved a bit tricky to get to, so we struggled with an extended hand drill to make pilot holes, before drilling full size from above. Once the holes where drilled the bolts went in quiet easily.

    The other 2 bolts pass through either arm and the rear bulkhead and attach to brace bars in the boot which also bolt through the boot floor using the chassis bolts we put in previously.

    Once in we fitted the stainless steel belt guides to the framework, making sure the shorter shorter arm is to the outside to eventually allow the belt to angle towards the driver/passenger shoulders.

  • 31st March 2012 – Fitting the heater box

    Next job on the list for today was fitting the heater box that arrived from Gerry a while ago. This is mounted to the rear side of the bulk head behind the dash. We decided the best way to mount it was to rivet the brackets in place through the bulkhead panel from the engine bay and use the same 5mm rivets we used to fix the heatshields in place.
    We wanted to mount the heater unit dead centre so all the rivet heads lines up, but we had to ascertain the locations to drill the holes for the 2 heater matrix pipes that poke through into the engine bay. So we made a card template of the rear of the heater before lining it up dead centre then marking and drilling the holes. We fixed the heater unit in place using 2 rivets either side. We also added some foam sheeting behind the unit for extra padding.

  • 31st March 2012 – Throttle linkage final fit

    We both arrange to get another day together to get on with the build. The last weekend we both had free was end of February where we had respraying the footwells. We were keen to get cracking again. The first job of the day was to refit all the bits we striped off in order to do the painting. This included putting back the pedal box, battery shelf and brake reservoir bracket and reconnect the throttle linkage.
    Mark had spent a few more hours over previous weeks polishing up the rods and blades getting them extra shiny in preparation for the final fit. We decided as a little extra that we would make some extra plastic washers for the rose joints to try to prevent any potential rattles between the joint and the bracket.

    Once altogether and everything fully tightened up, we then spent over an hour tinkering to getting the leverage of the pedal between idle and full throttle absolutely perfect. I’m glad to say we finally got there. Considering Mark designed our mechanism (based on photos of Andy Gordan’s Car) we are really happy and think it look great.

  • 17th March 2012 – Fuel Tank arrives

    We took delivery of the fuel tank today. More to follow on this once we get around to fitting it.