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  • 3rd November 2012 – Making inner door panels

    The final job for the day we decided should be to start the interior. Having spoken to Gerry and a few 289 members a while ago, they suggested to get the best possible finish in the interior would be to fill in the recesses in and around the doors using patterns and expanding foam. This we hope will give the doors and body a much more solid sound and feel when the doors are slammed shut. Stewart Clarke also decided to do with his build.

    So we set about making cardboard templates for the door panels and the areas around the doors. We had some spare aluminium sheet left over from the engine bay heatshields so decided to make the door patterns out of this. We then secured into place using double sided foam to make a decent seal and finally screw into place on the doors using 6 screws. We will eventually drill small holes in this panel to fill behind with the expanding foam.

    The patterns around the doors were a little more tricky to get right. We made 2 parts each side, one below and around the doors and a second part to fit and fill the area above the door latch. As these shapes were a little more complex, we decided it would be better to make these from a spare piece of hardboard Mark had in his shed rather than in the sheet aluminium.

    We hadn’t got any expanding foam so we haven’t fully fitted them as yet, but eventually we will drill small holes in the patterns and fill behind them with the foam and fixing them into place. More to come on this in later posts.

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