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  • 26th October 2013 – Connecting Master cylinders & reservoirs


    Connecting up the master cylnder with the clutch and front and rear brakes was something we had wanted to get done for a while and not got around to.

    We ran in the front and rear brake pipe in June 2011 and had left the pipe loose ready for connection. Firstly Mark cut down the front to rear brake pipe to size and then  bent the pipe around to fit the unions, carefully doing so without trying to cause a kink in the pipes. He then double flared the ends of the pipes that would connect into the unions. The rear brakes we connected to the central master cylinder.


    Mark then made up a new piece of pipe to connect the right hand master cylinder to where the brake switch union sits on the front right hand part of the chassis. Again, taking his time carefully bending the pipe to shape without causing the pipe to kink. This would then connect up the 2 front brakes to the master cylinder. Once all the pipes were bent in place Mark then neatly secured these pipes to the chassis with P-clips.



    Last job was to connect the clutch slave cylinder to the left hand master cylinder. The clutch pipe runs around the front of the chassis to connect to the clutch slave cylinder on the near side of the gear box bell housing. We again had mounted this back in June 2011 together with the brake pipes. YOu can read about this here


    The bracket for the reservoirs we had mounted previously. This sits between the end of the pedal box and the inner wing. The 3 reservoirs sit on top. The final job was to connect these up with flexi-pipes to each of the master cylinders. Initial we connected these with the standard rubber pipes that were sent with the kit from Gerry, but due to these being a little too short we decided to invest in some longer braided pipes from Graham Goodes motor supplier which took a week or so to arrive, but we think look loads better.



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