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  • 5th December 2011 – Engine Bay

    Once we had got the body back on it was really late into the evening, but these are some pictures taken the next morning in proper daylight. We are delighted to finally have the body back on the chassis ready for further work over the winter months. We think the complete set of heat shields now fitted and polished up just look amazing! Thank you again to Dale and Phil and Slipstream design for the CAD work and production.

  • 3rd December 2011 – Body Bolt locations

    Since writing our post on 3rd December about getting the body back on, we have had a few people email us asking where the 20 bolts for securing the body to the chassis are located. So this is a little extra post with some pics showing the locations. 20 bolts in total. 2 each side at the rear of the boot, there is 1 each side of the rear wheel arch in the boot, 1 each side next to the sill in the cabin, 4 each side in the foot welld holding the dash frame and door hinges and finally 2 each side at the front. In the picture below, the front bolts are not in yet as we haven’t got around to drilling the holes through the heatshield panels. These 2 are alan key bolts going through to the front wheel arches.

  • 3rd December 2011 – Body goes back on!

    After the final bits of painting and polishing, finally it was time to get the body back on the chassis. By this point we had been working on the body all day and was getting quite dark so had to work quickly. We thought the best way to do it was to wheel the rolling chassis out onto the street and get the body on where it was flat and where we had more room.
    We acquired some help from a couple of the neighbours to lift it, one person on each corner, and very quickly on it went. It wasn’t quiet that straight forward getting it in the correct position though, as we quickly realised we had to cut away some of the floor to allow the prop shaft and safety loop to fit through the hole in the floor. We did this very quickly and we will go back and tidy the holes up at a later stage.
    Once back in the garage we fix the body down with the 20 bolts we took out back in July 2010 when we detached the body. Seems a while and much work ago now. 4 bolts at the front in the engine bay, 10 in the cabin and 6 in the boot. They fitted very easily giving us confidence we had got the body on correctly. It actually looks like a car now, which is another real milestone. Still lots to do though.
    We will probably be looking at doing the wiring and electrics next and getting the master cylinder fitted and connected up. Check out further posts coming soon.