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  • 6th May 2012 – Mounting the header tank

    As Mark had spent the time polishing it up we now thought about mounting the header tank into the engine bay. It sits in the space between engine and radiator and the chassis has a mounting bracket which makes it easy to secure using stainless steel jubilee clips. Due to the size of the engine and the tight engine bay around the exhaust, the engine bay temp and coolant temp will be higher. As a result we could also see higher pressure in the cooling system, so we decided to get a Stant high pressure racing cap with a WP (working pressure ) of 18-20 lbs. We now just need to get the hoses to connect it all up.

  • 21th April 2012 – Polishing bits up

    Mark had bought a new polishing set from the internet and decided to put it to work by polishing up the newly wielded throttle linkage bracket and header tank. They look amazing and now ready to fit. Hopefully we’ll get another weekend soon to get the build moving forward again. Watch this space.