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  • 20th Feb 2016 – Repositioning the heater box

    While we were looking at installing the wiper box motor, wiper mechanism and wheel boxes, we realised, not for the first time, that we had a problem. We had originally installed the heater box directly to the back of the bulkhead behind the dash ¬†using rivets (read the post here). When looking at installing the wiper mechanism, we realised that the position of the heater box didn’t give us any room above it and thus compromised the position of the wiper cable mechanism and bundy tube that houses it. The only solution was to rethink the position of the heater box and reinstall it.
    Firstly, we had to roughly mount the dash to work out how much room there would be behind the dash once this is installed together with the wiring loom. As we suspected the space behind the dash is very tight and doesn’t give much room to play and to find the new position for the heater box. After some fiddling and some discussion we thought that moving its position back and down while also tilting the angle slightly ¬†forwards would probably work best. Firstly this gave us enough clearance above the heater box for the wiper mechanism but also allowed the angle of lower heater outlets to be aimed more into the cabin rather onto the lower bulkhead. 2 positive outcomes!
    In order to install the heater box in this new position we realised that we would have to make 2 new brackets as well as extend the pipes from the back of the heater in order to connect it back up to the heater matrix on the other side of the bulkhead within the engine bay. This took some time to get the angle of the pipes just right to get them to protrude correctly. Once complete we then remounted the heater using rivets to secure the heater and the the new brackets back to the bulkhead.




  • 31st March 2012 – Fitting the heater box

    Next job on the list for today was fitting the heater box that arrived from Gerry a while ago. This is mounted to the rear side of the bulk head behind the dash. We decided the best way to mount it was to rivet the brackets in place through the bulkhead panel from the engine bay and use the same 5mm rivets we used to fix the heatshields in place.
    We wanted to mount the heater unit dead centre so all the rivet heads lines up, but we had to ascertain the locations to drill the holes for the 2 heater matrix pipes that poke through into the engine bay. So we made a card template of the rear of the heater before lining it up dead centre then marking and drilling the holes. We fixed the heater unit in place using 2 rivets either side. We also added some foam sheeting behind the unit for extra padding.