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  • 6th April 2014 – Rear wiring harness

    So… after a few months of inactivity, we got a day back on the build. Things have had to take a back seat for the last few months.We intended to get the boot all sorted out. This included doing the final fit of the fuel tank and also fitting the spare wheel well.

    The first job of the day was to sort out the rear wiring harness. For extra protection, Mark had bought some 10mm wiring conduit that we decided to fit around the part of the wiring loom coming through the rear bulk head and through the inner sill under the drivers door. So we fitted it and also taped it all up using wiring loom tape before feeding it through the bulk head into the cabin around the rear wheel arch and behind the panel below the door and into the drivers foot well where eventually it will be connected to the loom behind the dash. We had previously installed some 20mm plastic wiring conduit tubing behind the door panel when we fitted the panels (read about that here). As planned this made feeding the loom through much easier and kept the wires all nicely hidden. The only exposed part round the rear wheel arch we neatly secured in place a with plastic p clips.