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  • 3rd November 2013 – Air filter fitted


    We received the air filter for the car today that we ordered from Summit racing in America. Mark got onto fitting it straight away. Originally we had to measure and make sure the filter we order would fit underneath the bonnet with enough clearance and space. We established that the optimum size would be either a round 8 inch diameter or a 8 1/2 inch oval set up with a maximum 3 inches  height from the carb flange.

    We looked into both options both in Holley and K&N. Mark was keen on the K&N filter as this is a washable lifetime performance filter with cotton gauze, oil coated element ¬†that will perform better than a paper filter… but we prefered the design of the Holley and also would fit nicely with our Holley carb. So what we did was order the Holley oval 11 3/4 inch x 8 1/2 inch filter along with the K&N air element (which is the same size) and use this with the Holley case.

    As you can see, when fitted, there is enough clearance under the bonnet scoop.