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  • 19th June 2011 – Clutch release slave cylinder

    A spacer is needed for the bracket holding the clutch release… we  fitted it all together first to get the correct distance required for the spacer and get the position of the brackets correct.

    We then found that the edge of braket and the outer bolt for slave cylinder was very close to the chassis. So we ground down the edge of the brackets to match the edges of the slave cylinder, just to prevent it from hitting if the engine kicked.  Also the second part of the braket was pushing in on the rubber of the slave cylinder so to stop this from happening we also ground it away slightly to give it better clearance.

    We disassembled it all, repainted the brakets after grinding them and then got to work making the spacer from a piece of aluminium on Uncle Dave’s lathe. Then reassembled again with spacer and then finally connected the pipe.

    Job done.

  • 26th March 2011- Installing Engine and transmission 3

    Gearbox next. – The bellhousing had to be modified slightly by drilling two holes in order to fit the clutch fork mounting pivot. We sent this to Gerry a few months ago as he has a special jig for this.
    The gearbox is then bolted to the Bellhousing and the clutch fork (with pivot mechanism) and throw out bearing are installed. The gearbox and bellhousing are then put together with the engine and clutch. This went together quite easily.
    The bracket for the hydraulic clutch mechanism has to be put in place – more on this later.
    Finally we fitted the starter motor in place.



  • 26th March 2011- Installing Engine and transmission 2

    Next was splash plate and then the Flywheel. Firstly we spray painted the splash plate silver before putting it in position and installing the fly wheel. Before the fly wheel is bolted on, it’s best to press in the dowels for location of the cluch cover. They were quite tight so we used a rubber hammer to get them in. All torqued up to 85 ft/Ib using Locktite on all the threads. You also need to lock the flywheel to enable you to get to the torque when tightening up else the flywheel turns. We simply wedged a lever bar between the gear box bolt and ring gear which worked fine.

    Next was the Clutch plate the clutch cover. The clutch plate can be aligned using a alignment tool but Mark managed to align it by eye, fairly easily with a bit of fiddling. Then torque up the clutch cover bolts to 36ft/Ib (opposite to opposite), job done.


  • 26th March 2011 – Installing Engine and Transmission 1

    Once the wheels are on, we were in a position to drop the engine in. We had previously built the engine up on an engine stand, so it was just a case of transfering engine from the stand to chassis. Obviously first thing was 2 bolts to attach the engine mounts. These are slightly offset on either side. Then we cranked it up on a metal bar running the width of the garage. All in very quickly.