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  • 13th August 2011 – Exhaust manifold modifications

    This is something we did a few weeks ago, but haven’t written it up until now. Original we had some real problems getting the exhaust manifold bolts in and tightened up (read post here).

    As a possible solution we had sourced some 6 sided bolts from the US in a hope that we could use these and get them on with a simple open ended spanner, but when they arrived we realised the bolt heads were even bigger than the 12 points we already had, so wouldn’t fit. We concluded at this point, the only real option was to take the plunge and to dent the exhaust branches. It wasn’t something we original wanted to do because we were wary of damaging the ceramic coating, but in the end we decided we didn’t have a choice in the matter.

    So Mark heated up the problem areas to be dented with a blow torch to get the metal more malleable, then he carefully used a hammer and punch to dent in and create enough space for the bolt heads. The ceramic coating has stood up reasonable well but is slightly damaged in places. It’s something we are going to have to live with at the moment I suppose, although we may see if we can get the coating touched up at a later date.

  • 8th July 2011 – Exhaust arrived back, then PROBLEMS!

    We received the exhaust back from Camcoat who had done the ceramic coating. This acts as a thermal barrier and will stop them corroding and but more importantly make them look really nicely shiny and blinged up. We opened the box and initially we were really pleased with the result. Don’t they look great! Maybe we spoke too soon!!!

    Exhaust problems

    We were really keen to get them on the car ASAP. So straight to work…. Suddenly we discovered to our horror that some of the bolts were too tight up against the exhaust branch, making it very difficult, if not impossible to get a socket or a spanner on them to tightened up (as you can see from the pictures). This is possibly something we should have checked before sending them for ceramic coating, as at that time we may have been able to dent them in slightly to give more room for the bolts. If we do this now we are concerned we may damage the coating. So we realised we’re going to have to get thinking to find a solution!!! First thought would be to modify the spanner, perhaps by grinding down the wall. We’ll keep you posted. If anyone has an idea please let us know!

  • May 2011 – Exhaust manifold – down pipe problems

    We received the exhaust manifold and down pipes, we ordered from Gerry. The pics show both sides loosely bolted to the engine.
    The problem we noticed was that the down pipe was sitting very close to the engine mountings. This is not good, and after speaking to Gerry, we established they had been wrongly made so he is sending replacements. More on this in later posts.
    We are also looking into getting the manifold and pipes ceramic coated which will act as a thermal barrier and stop them corroding, but more importantly make them look really nicely blinged up.  More on the exhaust in later posts.