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  • 5th January 2013 – Filler cap more modifications

    We had seen that there was no seal between the cap and the fuel filler flanges, so we thought there might be a potential for fuel to leak when cornering and also via vapour leakage. So Mark sourced some CAR FUEL OIL Nitrile Rubber Gasket Material 3mm from eBay that would do nicely to make some seals. We made one for the fuel cap itself to seal to the flange and one to seal the fuel filler extension pipe flange for when this would be attached to the lower section when the roof is fitted.

    Mark also bought some O Rings for the second flange, which were 84mm ID with a 3.5mm cross section.

  • 5th January 2013 – Fuel filler modifications

    We decided to modify the lower sections of the fuel filler cap assembly. Mark was worried that if the O ring seal between the 2 pieces ever failed, with the roof fitted, there was a potential for fuel to leak through into the boot when filling up. So Mark decided it might be best to welding these piece together as one single unit which would stop this possibility.