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  • 25th February 2012 – New braided fuel pipe

    We planned to get some more time on the car this weekend. We have planned to get most of the little job under the bonnet out of the way today. First job was to fit the new braided fuel pipe that Mark got made a few weeks ago to replace the rubber one we originally had. We fitted the connecter to the fuel regulator and ran the pipe through to connect to the carb. Mark had made a new bracket that bolts to the top of the inlet manifold which will eventually serve as the attachment for the springs onto the throttle linkage, but is also perfect to attach a stainless steel P clip to hold the fuel pipe in the correct position and to prevent it rubbing on the plug leads.
    The last job will be to polish up the bracket nice and shiny, which we’ll do later on. Onto the next job…

  • 23rd January 2012 – Fuel pressure regulator(fuel king) & connecting to carb

    Happy New Year to everyone. Just a quick update as the last post was a while ago now. The cobra build was put on hold over christmas as I was away in NYC and Mark had his Uni work to crack on with. Even so, we have ordered more bits, fuel tank, radiator, throttle linkage, that we are waiting to arrive. We’re hoping to get some stuff done this weekend so more posts coming soon.
    Mark has spent a little time fitting the fuel pressure regulator to the nearside inner wing, see pic below. He then cut a piece of fuel pipe to length to fit from the carb to the fuel filter/regulator. Now that we have a piece of pipe to length, we have sent it to BGC Motor sport components to make a braided pipe with the banjo connectors to go from the carb.