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  • 3rd November 2012 – Fitting the rear lights

    Its been 6 weeks or so since out last build instalment, in that time we have been patiently waiting for parts to arrive, but we managed to arrange another day to get on with it again.

    First job of the day we thought should be to fit the rear lights, as the last job we had done was to fit the front ones. The standard Cobra rear lights we ordered are Lucus 542, but unfortunately these aren’t “e marked” and therefore not compliant for the SVA test. so the plan for now is to fit Land Rover lamps which are compliant.

    We once again used Stewart Clarkes build as a reference for this job. As Stewart had done, we first of all made up some templates and drilling guides to make sure the Land Rover lamps and holes where in a suitable location and would be inside the shape for the Lucus lamps we eventually plan to fit. Once we got the templates all lined up and marked we then used a 30mm hole cutter to drill the holes and a demmal to slightly increase the holes where required to allow the rear of the lamps to pass through. We found that cutting the outer rubber casing at the back of the lights allowed us to get them through without making the hole too big. We then fitted the lamps using 3 screws for each.

    These’s no way they are as nice looking as the Lucus versions but we have to make sure we are compliant.

    We still need to fit the rear fog light and reversing lights which is necessary for the SVA test, plus number plate light and reflectors. more on this in later posts.