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  • 7th August 2010 – Striping the back axel

    We managed to source a Jaguar XJS back axel from ebay that arrived, and to an untrained eye looks like a piece of greasy junk. Well in this condiction maybe, but this particular axel is the recommended one for this type of Cobra 289. We won’t be using much of the original axel, so replacing with new upgraded parts, but the differential and suspension arms are the bits we will be keeping, and need to be reconditioned back to mint condiction.

    So we spent some time striping down the old axel into its individual parts. The suspension arms we sent back down to Gerry at Hawks to be shortened in order to fit our frame, while we source a company to striped down and recondition the differential. When we get the bits back it will then be a case of building the axel back up with the new parts and bolting it all to the chassis.