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  • 3rd December 2011 – Fitting side vents

    We managed to get another day set aside to do some kit car. Today we were determined to finally get the body back onto the chassis and in the garage before winter and the bad weather really kicks in.
    First job to get out of the way was to getting the side vents fitted. We had cut the holes out some time ago (link to post). The standard way to do this is to make some aluminium brackets and to fibreglass them in place. Mark had spent a few hours the previous week making 4 brackets, 2 for each vent top and bottom. He drilled out holes in the brackets to allow the P40 fibreglass to grip the bracket better against the body. We lined the vent up to the hole then used masking tape to secure into position, then mixed up the P40 fibeglass and layered in over the bracket. As it was a cold day it took a little while to go off and harden but we did 2 layers of fibreglass in the end which seems to have set ready solidly. This is a really messy and fiddly job.
    After doing the first one we realised we had put the vent in the wrong way around. Doh! so quickly unbolted it from the bracket then turned it round 180 degrees, we realised at this point we’d have to modify the bracket slightly by drilling 2 new holes for the bolts holding the vent in place.
    Once both fitted, the final thing we did was to carefully mask up the inner wings areas and spray paint the area black to cover the newly fibreglassed area and also give a nice neat edge between the outer wing and the footwells painted white.

  • 22nd July 2011 – Cutting the side vents

    First real job was to cut the holes in the glass fibre body for both the side vents and pedal box. We started with the side vents. The body arrived with the vent shape and position already embossed from the moulding, so first we ran a marker pen around the edge of the emboss to get the line to cut to, then making smaller drill holes to use as a guide for a bigger hole cutter tool. This left us with a the rough hole, which we thenĀ  filed and dremelled back to the marker pen line. This took some time but this is not something to be rushed. Having got the holes reasonably neat and tidy we decided we would stop there and leave the job of getting them A1 perfect to the professionals when we finally get the car into the paint shop. This decision was confirmed the right one by a number of 289 Register members we spoke to at the Silverstone classic show on 22nd July, who said they did much the same when doing their builds. We next need to fix and fit the side vents in place. We’ll do this later.