The radiator fans arrived from the supplier. We original spoke to Gerry about what to go for and he suggested getting twin 10 inch blow fan kit from Pacet that would sit at the front of the radiator. We also decided to get a thermostat switch which we’ll install later when we get the wiring loom fully fitted. For now we thought we’d just get the fans in.

The 2 fans come with a full fitting kit including quick mountings to connect the fans together. Mark cut one of the bolt down to allow the thread to screw into one mounting then strewed the other mount on the other side. He then fixed the mounts to the fans this fixed the 2 fans together.

Next was to fix them into place on the car. This was fairly straight forward using the 8 zip ties provided. These feed through the thin flattened tubes and fix the other side. On to the next job… There is still so much to do!