Next job we decided to do was to connect up the oil temperature, coolant temperature and oil pressure gauges. This involved feeding the capillary pipes from the back of the gauges through the front bulk head into the engine bay. We started by laying the dash face down across the transmission tunnel in the cabin just in front of where it will be fitted. We had to cut 3 holes through the bulk head either side of the heater unit big enough to suit the grommets provided with the gauges. We decided to put the oil temp and coolant temp on the drivers side and oil pressure through the passenger side. This way we could run the pipes down either side of the inlet manifold and p-clip above the rocker covers. The grommets supplied stretched to allow the bulbs to pass through and then neatly sit around the thinner capillary pipes afterwards.

We then ran the oil temp and coolant temp pipes along the top of the rocker covers on the offside and the oil pressure pipe along the rocker cover on the near side and neatly secured them in place using P clips.

There is an outlet on the front of the engine for the oil pressure switch and the oil pump. The oil temperature then connects to the sump and coolant temp to the top of the inlet manifold. We ran PTFE tape around the thread of the coolant temperature connector when fitting.