The next job for us was to look at setting up the suspension including, the Ride height, Toe and Camber. This was a job that we had been putting off as we both weren’t too confident about how to get the best set up for this. Fortunately Richard, Mark’s colleague at JLR had some experience doing this in racing teams and helped us out.

The suspension set up can take some time and involve a lot of trial and error before you achieve the setting up you want. Often by adjusting one setting then changed something else, so it is important to measure and re-measure every time you make an adjustment. As we thought, this became quite fiddly job and took us a full day to get right. Eventually we got a base set up as we wanted it. This might be something that we will have to readdress later once we have done a few miles and the suspension settles properly.

I hope the next few posts will best describe the process we went through.