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16th November 2014 – Fitting new Clutch lines

As we had replaced the old clutch release slave cylinder with the new Hydraulic throw-out  release bearing, we decided we would also replace the braided hose that we originally installed to connect the master [...]

15th November 2014 – Fitting new Clutch release – Part 2

Once the new bearing was measured and fitted correctly it was then a case of reinstalling the transmission and connecting back to the bell housing. --- Important point is always have the AN-4 line [...]

16th August 2014 – Fitting the windscreen wipers

So we decided to get on with the build again after several months going by without anything being done.   First job of the day was to fit the windscreen wipers in place.   [...]

3rd November 2013 – Air filter fitted

We received the air filter for the car today that we ordered from Summit racing in America. Mark got onto fitting it straight away. Originally we had to measure and make sure the filter we order would fit underneath the bonnet with enough clearance and space. We established that the optimum size would be either a round 8 inch diameter or a 8 1/2 inch oval set up with a maximum 3 inches height from the carb flange.

26th October 2013 – Re-making the inner door panels

We had made and fitted the inner door panels in November 2012 (you can read post here). we had originally made these panels from some spare sheet aluminium that was left over from the heat shields [...]

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