We decided to get tickets for the Silverstone Classic Car Show in July. The 289 Register club were going to be there with marquee and display of members cars and as we are new members we thought a good opportunity to meet everyone, have a look at a few finished cars and get some important build tips and ideas. All was achieved. We had a good chat with Andy Gordon about his build and beautiful 289FIA and  John Coward with his lovely 289 LeMan with original green paint job from the 39PH Le Man car. He kindly allowed us to sit inside his Le Man and gave us a great feeling of what we are going to build as a finished article. Also Bill Telfords lovely roadster and Stuart Clarke’s superb newly finished 289 Roadster . Pictures below.  We hope to see everyone next year with our finished car. we’ll see 😉

This was our first classic car show experience and we had a great time just walking around and taking in all the sights and sounds of some fantastic cars and classic racing. 2011 is also the 50th anniversary of the E-Type Jag. As a consequence there were hundreds if not thousands of them at the show. Including the staggering new Eagle E-Type (as seen with Clarkson on Top Gear). For me one of the highlights of the day seeing this and would probably make it into my fantasy top 5 car garage (sitting along side our 289Cobra Le Man of course :-)).

Mark spent quite some time drooling over the Ferrari F40s, he tells me its his ultimate car. It’s a great car but I prefer the older ferrari myself and there were plenty of Dinos, and a beautiful 250GTO (another that might also make it into my fantasy top 5 cars)

The 289 Register Cobras

Eagle E-Type



Classic Lamborghini Countach.


There were hundreds of E Type jags and we found a beautiful D type racer. As well as the new Jaguar XK-R, which is a beast of a car. Mark has driven one of these at work. Nice!

Aston Martin

We couldn’t go home without seeing some Astons


Gullwings old and new